Software Development

Software Development

We have a Software for every Business

We at Nakshatra Technohub, develop Software that helps businesses to ease out several tasks and processes which in turn makes them more efficient. Our Team first understands business and technical requirements and then devises web-based solutions accordingly with ease of mobility.

We develop Software ranging from business management software to complex algorithm-based Process automation software. With every software we develop our focus is always on specific problems of our customers that need to be catered.

The Software we develop

Virtual Reality Software

We provide powerful 3D collaboration strategies to utilize VR applications, focus on design and deliver the appealing virtual reality applications in WebVR and Unity3D, and what highlights make a VR application fruitful. At Nakshatra offers high functional and 3D mobile and game virtual apps

Cryptocurrency Software

At Nakshatra, we offer the latest and modern cryptocurrency software development with advanced features. We develop highly secured, optimized and scalable software through all stages of cryptocurrency wallet development, proof of concepts and crypto coin development.

School Management Software

Our school management system software is a complete management software designed to automate a school's diverse operations from teacher profiles, student profiles, classes and exams to a calendar of school events. Our Software is an online community to bring teachers, parents and students together on a common interactive platform.

Hotel Management Software

At Nakshatra, we offer powerful Hotel & Restaurant Management system software for small-medium sized hotels, resorts, restaurants and motels. Our focus is on delivering a highly functional and rich-featured hotel reservation system that enables the management to manage all the hotel operations.

Banking Software

Nakshatra Technohub's bank Management software is an advanced software-based banking system. It automates complete visitor workflow in the customer service area. It provides ease of access to customers and visitors. The Banking management Software system is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the banking process

Insurance Claim Management System

At Nakshatra Technohub, we help businesses and establishments by developing innovative and interactive Insurance claim management software. Insurance claims management software development makes it easy for online users to track their claim status, control settings, and update their account details in a breeze.

Hospital Management Software

Nakshatra Technohub Hospital management software is designed to manage all the aspects of the hotel operations. The software enables to keep the records of the health informatics and it deals with medium to large-sized hospitals and improves profitability. Hence, this hospital management software covers a wide range of hospital administration and management processes.

Hyperledger Blockchain Development

Hyperledger blockchain technology we develop, uses smart contract applications which is highly beneficial for enterprises across the globe, known as Hyperledger smart contracts. It acts as a mediator for decentralized digital communities, on the other hand, it also supports open source and standards across industries.

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