How technology can help you to improve your health?

With a week of festive feasts, tempting sweets and indoor merriment, your physical health may have taken a back seat to all the holiday festivities. So now it’s time to get back. Health is quite important for us to have a better capacity to work as per the needs of the growing world. A lot of companies worldwide are highly aware of the substantial health risks. Employees with poor physical and mental health conditions usually underperform, which costs businesses a lot of money. To maintain a healthy lifestyle and to improve our overall health has become a huge challenge for almost everyone in the world. We all know that we have to eat right, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and drink lots of water in order to be healthy. Many of us think that we are doing a good job at being healthy but most of us are not.

Many people believe that technology has only made us more lazy and unhealthy. But that’s not true actually. Technology has assisted us in many different ways such as:

  1. There are 10000+ health applications which can easily be downloaded on your device and it can count your physical activities as well as it advises you about your health.

  2. Personalized Health Technology is helping us to take care of our own health.

  3. Cleverly designed apps such as smart assistants are helping us to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

  4. The Internet of Caring Things is transforming the way we manage and control our health.

  5. Wearable devices are becoming a part of our day to day life. They are not limited just to fitness trackers.

  6. Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is developing various applications across the different spectrums of healthcare and is transforming the way we diagnose and treat illness.

  7. The internet of caring things helps to monitor, notify and inform the caregivers and service providers with actual data to identify issues before they become critical and allows early invention.


Mobile apps

Healthcare apps have made life easier for every age group. Using these apps we can track a doctor near our location, book an appointment without any waiting and track daily activities. There are many workout apps which can help you to exercise everywhere. There are some apps which can help you to get your fitness plans, provide exercise demonstrations, track progress, communicate and share information to others. Nothing can get you pumped up during exercising other than listening to music. Listening to music is very beneficial during a workout. It does not only relieve boredom, but also can improve the quality of your exercise. Music apps also include some healthcare music which is quite beneficial. 

A calorie counter and nutrition app are helpful tools to check whether you’re getting the right number of calories and nutrition for the day. To monitor nutrients, users scan the barcodes of different food items and physically find them in the app’s huge database. These apps also let you know about how many calories you ate for that day. According to these advices, you can plan your meals for your target calorie intake.

There are some apps for pregnant mothers which can track the growth of the baby, give advice about diet, preventive care and generate medical reports. Apps can help you to learn and improve relaxation skills such as Yoga. Apps can also help nurses to administer the right medication.

Wearable Devices

Nowadays everyone has such a busy schedule that no one can look after their health.  Keeping a healthy body requires smart lifestyle choices, preventive care and regular checkups. We can easily track our activities and diet for our future health goals. These devices can raise the alert and notification related to your body. There are also some wearable devices which can manage stress and blood pressure of your body. These devices can be connected to multiple devices.

The Internet of Caring Things


The internet of caring things can be described as a network of connected objects that serve for the individual’s physical and mental well-being, safety, security and oversight of their loved ones. By passively monitoring elderly people in homes, IOT connected devices alert the family members when something unusual is happening. IoCT smart sensors such as patient wearables and medical devices are connected via technology that helps to detect issues in real time. IoCT helps us to provide speedy care for patients, to analyze and detect small and large health risks.

Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is the core technology behind smartphone applications, robotics and medical technology. AI provides intelligent personal assistants that can quickly solve minor issues. AI lends support via emotional intelligence indicators.


Most of the first eHealth technologies were web-based, and there still are a lot of eHealth technologies that can be accessed via the world wide web. In the Netherlands for example, psychologists prescribe web-based modules to clients with e.g. anxiety disorders or autism. Websites can also be used to help people individually cope with problems like alcohol addiction or depressive complaints. It can also be used in a medical setting: patients with a chronic disease might use online health records where they can maintain health data and information related to their disease, and share it with their doctors.


Telehealth allows patients to schedule appointments with doctors for different types of needs from primary care to therapist sessions. These appointments can happen over the phone via video calls and the doctor can diagnose and treat you as they do in person visit. There are also telemedicine services that provide medication delivery and some even prescribe medicine online. The internet is blooming with options for receiving medicines while being at home, making it more accessible, convenient and safe for everyone!

Self-Care Practice

Take this time at home to pamper yourself. Look for purchasing technological products made with self care in mind like an eye massager or smart head shower. Personal care is also important for the mind as well as body. Technology has made things more convenient. You can watch self care videos to groom and pamper yourself.

Wrapping up Thoughts

There is no doubt that technology has made human life easier in all aspects. It’s almost unimaginable to live a day without any technology as it appears in everything people use in their day to day life. At the end of the day, your health comes down to what you do in your daily routine to take care of yourself. There are many apps and gadgets to improve your health and body. These apps and gadgets provide more information about your workout and diet. These apps help you to track your progress regarding your workouts and health.

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