Top Trending Technologies in 2022-23

Technology is growing faster in such way that it is changing the world and taking steps towards the progress day by day. Technology is changing the world, and for this change IT professionals play important role.  After suffering from the covid-19, the world has realized that almost everything can be digitized and everything can be done contactless using trending technologies. So, it is very essential to get to know about the trending technologies to make use of them.

Following are some of the trending technologies:

        1.      Smarter Devices

        2.      Computing Power

        3.      Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

        4.      Datafication

        5.      New Energy Solutions

        6.      Robotic Process Automation

        7.      Blockchain

        8.      Internet of Thing

         9.      Cyber Security

        1.    Smarter Devices

        Artificial intelligence has a vital role in making the world smarter and smoother. It is making our life simple and comfortable. Data scientists are working on AI home robots, appliances, wearable devices and many more. Due to the smarter devices, there is huge demand as many companies are transforming into digital. Data Science and Automation are the best major areas to learn and grow in smarter devices.

        2.   Computing Power

        Computing power is generating more tech jobs in the industry but would require specialized qualifications for candidates to acquire. From data science to robotics and IT management, this field will generate largest percent employment in every country. Data Science, AI engineering and robotics are the fields where you can learn computing power.

        3.   Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

         AI is already known for its superiority in image and speech recognition, navigation apps, smartphone personal assistants, ride-sharing apps and so much more. Machine learning is a subset of AI, is also deployed in all kinds of industries, creating huge demands for skilled professionals.

        4.    Datafication

        Datafication is simply transforming everything in our life into devices or software powered by data. Data can be saved for longer in technical gadgets than we ever remember. Datafication leads to higher need for IT professionals, Data scientists and managers. Data related jobs are more about skills not high qualifications only. There are some popular data careers like big data engineering, robotic engineering, Business intelligence analysts, etc. 

        5.    New Energy Solutions

        New energy solutions are like replacing non-renewable energy solutions into renewable energy solutions. People have started using solar panels for housing use as well as some commercial purposes. So, this section can have  vast career options as the whole world is turning towards electricity or solar energy rather than the options which leads to pollution. Some major areas in new energy solutions are energy specialist, solar plant designer, climate strategy specialist, biotechnology specialist, renewable energy technologists.

        6.   Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is the use of software to automate businesses such as interpreting applications, processing transactions, dealing with the data and also to replying to mails. As the robotic process automation is the technology in trend, it has plenty of opportunities like developer, business analyst, solution architect and consultant. 

        7.    Blockchain

Blockchain technology will have a significant impact across a wide range of industries. Blockchain is a distributed database without any central authority. In this database, you can insert the data only. You cannot change or remove the data from the database. Hence, the term ‘chain’ because you are making the chain of data. Blockchains are consensus-driven, so no one entity can take the control of the data.


This is also one of the rising technologies where you can think of learning for bright future.

        8.  Internet of Things

Meaning of internet of things is various devices are connected to each other via internet. IOT has already enabled devices, home appliances, smartphones and many more to be connected to and exchange data over the internet. Using IOT, it ensures safety, efficiency and decision making for businesses. We can use IOT connected devices from anywhere at any time from the world. So, this technology also has a wider scope as people are using many IOT connected devices.

        9.    Cyber Security

        As long as we have hackers, cyber security will remain a trending technology because it will continuously be updated to defend against those hackers. There is strong need of cybersecurity professionals in the market to

protect the data, privacy and to get rid of theft. 


There is always something new in the technology. The world of technology has lot of options for you according to your interests. You will be successful if you follow the latest trends in technologies and learn new technologies.

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