StayHappy Automatic Push Button Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine (100 Pads)

12,999.00 Inc. GST

📦 Holds 100 pads – Double the supply for less restocking!

🔘 Push-button ease – Discreet & user-friendly.

💳 Flexible payment (consider options) – Coins, bills, or contactless!

🛠️ Durable build – Built to last in busy areas.

⏱️ Easy refill – Keeps the machine stocked & ready.


Level Up Period Preparedness: Automatic Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine (100 Pads)

Never get caught short again! Our high-capacity Automatic Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine (100 Pads) provides reliable access to feminine hygiene products in high-traffic areas like schools, offices, workplaces, and public restrooms.

Here’s what elevates this vending machine:

  • Double the Capacity (100 Pads): Twice the supply compared to the 50-pad model, minimizing restocking frequency and ensuring consistent availability for extended periods.
  • Push-Button Convenience: Discreet and user-friendly, a simple button press dispenses a pad, offering ultimate privacy and ease.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand daily use in demanding environments.
  • Easy Refilling: Streamlined refilling process keeps the machine stocked and operational.

High-Traffic Ready:

This 100-pad capacity vending machine is ideal for:

  • Schools & Colleges: Ensures students always have access to necessary supplies.
  • Hospitals & Clinics: Provides a convenient option for patients and visitors.
  • Public Washrooms: Offers peace of mind in high-usage locations.
  • Hotels & Malls: Caters to unexpected needs for guests and patrons.
  • Offices & Workplaces: Promotes a prepared and comfortable environment.

Additional Features:

  • ADA Compliant Design: Ensure accessibility for users with disabilities.
  • LED Display: Incorporate an LED display for clear product selection and price information.
  • Inventory Management System (Optional): Integrate a system for real-time inventory monitoring and low-stock alerts.

By offering double the capacity and user-friendly push-button operation, this vending machine caters to both user needs and business efficiency in high-traffic locations.


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